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Manifest the Marriage, Family & Lifestyle You've Dreamed of



Leila Tomasone is an expert on masculine - feminine dynamics, dating in the 21st Century, manifesting a healthy, lasting marriage mindset, & high value feminine abundance.

Where do you see yourself a year from now? How dramatically do you want to see your life change? Change isn't always easy, and often requires guides to help us achieve it. I know, because I've started from scratch to reinvent myself after a destructive marriage, custody battle, and going back to school to get my MBA as a single mom. If I can find love & happiness, so can you!


Leila has helped hundreds of women transform their lives.



Before our work together, I knew I wanted to make changes but I did not know where to start. I also needed guidance and support. I did not know about relationship coach or understand how I would benefit from having one, to be honest. When my husband found your page, I saw it as the universe sending help our way :-)

I feel supported by you. You give me different perspectives that are helpful in understanding myself and my relationships. I am working my way upward. With your support and directions, I will stay on the right path. 

Since we started working together, I am examining my state with different perspectives, and seek to take care of myself first. I am digging through the surface of my discomfort instead of drowning myself in details of the drama. I am finding the root of the issue by noticing a pattern. Confronting my inner self allows me to make lasting changes. I become self-aware so I adapt as I morph.

I appreciate the support and directions you have provided. You give me tools that shape my vision, take care of myself, and radiate positive energy. I no longer feel lost or alone. I am able to see through the various disguises my issues appear. It is only through confronting the root of the issue I am able to be free of it.

I appreciate your support and suggestions, especially the text messages in between the sessions. During the session, when we go deep into my issues, it is eye opening and helpful. I start to ask myself deep questions when I feel anxious. Having you as my coach has helped me see the importance of being my own person, finding my goals and standards. When I work towards that, things start to move forward.



Leila has helped me tremendously over the last year by helping me recognize my boundaries and assert them with confidence and certainty.
Just the overall process of dating. Mastering my feminine energy output, signaling positivity/being available, being myself, health, happiness, etc.
Letting men come to me instead of pursuing them.
There were some times where her advice was hard to hear, but she always presented it with grace and a genuine desire to help me get what I want in life. I can really tell that she cares about what happens to me. She checks in on me, sends me helpful tips and is absolutely a gift from God into my life. I am so grateful for her!



I couldn’t recommend Leila more. She has a gentleness combined with laser-like accuracy that helped me through the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. Her talent and insight is stunning while her empathy and kindness is relaxing and inviting. 💕💕



Leila helped me through one of the hardest periods of my life and was not only there for me during that time, but every day after checking up on me to encourage me and help me break bad habits, cultivate new outlooks, create better mindsets, and by modeling for me so many traits of what femininity actually is.
I knew she didn't just talk the talk but that in her own life had made many brave and difficult changes in order to become the woman of her own dreams.
She's helped me navigate dating while staying true to my desires and dreams.
She has such a gift for being a nurturing but extremely direct trouble shooter. Her advice and friendship have been invaluable to me and I know she would be to you too, no matter you situation or story.
"If you want something you've never had before maybe it's time to try something you've never done before."



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